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Country, vintage style wedding shoot (reddux)

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Everyday, I fall head over heals in love with a new wedding photographer.

Married couples: take cue from this gorgeous husband and wife, Kellie and Chris Walters.
Five years ago, when they first said “I do,” a dreamy photo shoot could not be worked into their budget.
However, after seeing the phenomenal work of Anna Cunningham of Sweet Hope Photography, they decided to revisit their special day and have no regrets.

Their vintage style wedding shoot (reddux) looked like an absolute blast and could not have turned out more lovely!  It is full of country charm too.

It included horses, dogs, hydrangeas, lace, vintage cameras, butterflies, lamps, a tractor and more…

No captions necessary- SWOON AWAY!
wedding-photoshoot-redowedding-shoot-artistic Photoshoot-redo-with-dogsbride-and-dandelion bride-with-lacey-lightingfun-in-nature-photoshoot-redo wedding-shoot-outdoorhorse-wedding-shoot


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Real Wedding at the Golf Club of Newcastle: Ashley + Ryan

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When Ryan was a sophomore at the University of Washington, a friend living in a nearby sorority asked him to do her a big favor. “To carry on her sorority’s tradition, she was required to come up with a special performance as a surprise for her newlyassigned freshman little sister,” described Ryan.

“When she asked me to play the guitar and sing the John Mayer song, “Your Body is a Wonderland,” my immediate response was “no way,” but she continued continued to press me on it so I gave in a few days later.”

On the day of the serenade, Ryan arrived at the house in nervous form.  He became terrified when he saw 25 other guys in line (with their own acts) who would be watching him sing a sappy love song while most of them had more comical skits to work with. “I was handed a huge bouquet of flowers and a piece of paper with the name of the girl I needed t0 sing to.  It was a torn out piece of college ruled notebook paper with “Ashley Guimond” written in blue highlighter marker.  Next to it, just so I wouldn’t screw up the pronunciation it said “Gee – mond,” recalls Ryan. “That was the first time I met Ashley.”

On top of already having knots in his stomach, Ryan was instantly enamored by Ashley’s beauty and thought “Wow, she’s cute!” Not only did Ryan manage to get through the awkward performance, but he nailed it and received a standing ovation and props from all the other guys. Word got out that Ryan wanted to see Ashley again (and have a conversation this time around) and the following weekend they hung out with some friends.

“Here we are over 8 years later, and I’m sure glad that piece of paper had the love of my life written on it,” said Ryan.



Fast forward from one incredible chapter to the next- and check out Ashley and Ryan’s big day. As you can see, the bride and groom make an absolutely stunning couple! The two planned an epic summer wedding near Seattle without the help of a professional coordinator.  This made every decision more special and meaningful to the both of them.


Of all decisions to be made, hiring Jen Repp to photograph their special day was a no brainer. “Her work speaks for itself and she is just so talented,” said Ashley.

I couldn’t agree more with the stunning bride…These images tell such a beautiful story and don’t even need captions!

There were many heartfelt moments that the bride and groom will never forget.

One of them was when Ryan saw his bride for the first time.
Ashley looked radiant and Ryan’s reaction was priceless!

The couple had a romantic ceremony full of sweet sentiments and personal touches. One moment that stood out from the rest was when Ryan’s sister, a bridesmaid, concluded the service by singing “Forever” by Ben Harper.

It seems like singing love songs might be in Ryan’s family genes?!?


“Unlike many grooms who sit back and let the bride work out the details on her own, Ryan was very much involved in the planning process which meant a lot to me,” said Ashley.


She added, “While I had a vivid image of what I wanted my wedding to look like, it was my sister who really helped me bring all the details to life.  She handmade all of my save the date cards and wedding invitations, she found the yellow vases that were then wrapped in lace for our centerpieces, she helped me create the place card stands using easels, which were later used to display some of our childhood photos, and on and on.  I don’t know what I would have done without her!”


Love is Sweet, indeed!

Overall, the three most important factors were food, photos and fun! The food was delicious, the photos turned out incredible and everyone had such a blast.  ”We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect wedding,” said the bride and groom.

Finally, the perfect image to sum up Ryan and Ashley’s unforgettable wedding… pretty dreamy, right?


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Real Wedding in Pebble Beach: Erin+Andrew

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Erin and Andrew met during their Senior year of college at UC-Berkeley and became close friends.
“The transition from friends into something more serious happened while traveling in Australia after graduation
,” Erin says.

proposal and engagement

Last February, the adorable couple was invited to join Andrew’s sister (and family) on a beach house vacation in Oahu, Hawaii.  Of course, the two did not pass up the opportunity to take a romantic getaway together.  While Erin had a tranquil and relaxing vacation, she had no idea that Andrew had nervously been walking around with a diamond ring in his pocket, searching for the perfect moment to pop the question.

When Erin and Andrew sat on the beach to soak in the beautiful sunset on their last day in Oahu, Andrew presented the diamond ring and formally asked Erin to become his wife.


First, many thanks to the talented Sia McDonald for sharing these amazing photographs!

To say that Erin and Andrew’s wedding was “dreamy” is an understatement.  Every last wedding detail, which there was no shortage of, was thoughtfully planned by the visionary bride.  Erin loves finding little pieces that inspire her, from flea market finds to garage sale nick-knacks. Clearly, the girl could have a very bright future in event design.


The wedding was held at a family friend’s private estate in Pebble Beach California.

We were so incredibly fortunate to have such special friends offer up their beautiful home for the occasion.  The homeowners, my parents, family friends, and my husband and I were a regular work detail at the property in the weekends and months leading up to the wedding,” says Erin.


She adds, “I love and enjoy design, and really felt it was important that people felt like they were part of a special event from the moment they stepped onto the property.”

Mission accomplished!

Perhaps what makes this wedding so utterly chic is the brilliant infusion of many different wedding styles.  Erin managed to maintain a cohesive look with universal appeal- giving every guest something to swoon over.


Having a skilled “handyman” for a dad and a creative mother, Erin counted on her parents to help with the many do-it-yourself “wedding projects” she envisioned.

Projects included: the hand painted sign post, a family photo wall, wooden lanterns on the pathway, hanging tree lights with floating blooms, a mirrored place card display, a custom photo booth, etc.

Together, the bride and groom designed all of the wedding paper goods (printed by the Greener Printer).


When I asked Erin which wedding details were most important to her she said, “According to my husband, everything!”

“I think a lot of my family and friends looked at me like I was crazy when I was going into so much detail, but I asked them just to trust me and that once it’s all put together they will understand why I wanted it…and they did.”

Be sure t0 check out Erin and Andrew’s “dream team” of outstanding wedding vendors!

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